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Dr. Radfar-Baublitz
Dr. Baublitz-Brenenborg

Our Approach »

At Interventional Spine Associates, we take an algorithmic approach to providing quality spine care, which includes interventions of structured physical therapy, activity modification, oral medications, and minimally invasive x-ray guided spinal procedures. We utilize imaging studies, electrodiagnostic evaluations, thorough physical examinations, and targeted x-ray guided procedures to accurately diagnose and effectively treat painful spinal conditions.

We are affiliated with the Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center and Lancaster Regional Medical Center for your in-patient needs and area specialists as needed. These hospitals are partially owned by physicians.

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NCS/EMG Testing »

Nerve conduction study (NCS)/ electromyography (EMG) is a form of electrodiagnostic testing that is used to study nerve and muscle function.  Commonly performed by a physiatrist trained in this procedure, NCS/EMG testing can provide your doctor with specific information about the extent of nerve and/or muscle injury and can also determine the exact location of injury and give some indication whether the damage is reversible.

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Interventional Management »

Minimally invasive interventional procedures, a vital component of any multidisciplinary strategy, use fluoroscopic x-ray guidance to target and treat the source of pain. The success of interventional therapy, particularly in neck and back pain, often obviates or delays the need for surgical intervention and can dramatically decrease analgesic requirements. Most procedures are only several minutes in length and can be performed comfortably in the outpatient setting.

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